Chris Billington

Konvision are now shipping KVM-1760D, a new 17" Colour Grading monitor with support for R.709 and DCI-P3 Colour Spaces!With a true 10-bit LCD panel and the same advanced signal-processing features as its big brother the 24" KVM-2460D, the new model brings 3D-LUT DCI-P3 display to your grading suite at a new, affordable price point. KVM-1760D has two 3G-SDI inputs with waveform monitor, vectorscope and histogram capability, and features an integral colour patch generator that can be controlled in closed-loop mode by Light Illusion's LightSpace software to allow you to create and upload you..
Konvision at NAB 2017

Konvision look forward to welcoming you at NAB2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA!

Come and visit us at Booth C7306 in the Central Hall, for the international launch of our new monitor and multiviewer products!

24" UHD DCI-P3 monitor, 18-input multiviewer with UHD output, enhancements to existing models and more!

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